The Advice Process

The Momentum Planning team is committed to serving the best interests of clients.  So you  can expect us to make every conceivable effort to ensure your needs are met.

Our two stage advice process is truly unique and has won multiple awards.

STAGE 1  takes between 4-6 weeks and involves developing a long term strategy for you in the areas of cashflow, risk, wealth, tax and estate planning.

It starts with a discovery meeting where we uncover all your goals, needs and objectives.

We then hold a current situation meeting where we confirm your position in 10 years time if you take no further action.

This is followed with a strategy meeting, where various alternative pathways and strategies are outlined for you to consider.  Together, we discuss the pros and cons of each strategy and arm you with enough information to make an informed decision on which path you’d like to take.

The final meeting of stage 1 is for us to deliver our statement of advice to you.  This document is a 10 year strategic plan covering cashflow, taxation, risk management, wealth strategies and estate planning.  It is a clear roadmap for you to the achievement of what’s most important to you.

STAGE 2  is the implementation and review of your strategies over time, conducted under an annual management program.

This program becomes the cornerstone of our relationship.  It provides measurement of your goals and wealth position, accountability to agreed actions, education and insight into the changing economic and legislative environment and above all, access to your financial planner when it matters most.

Accountability is a key area of value for our clients, as we challenge them to achieve the goals they have set and report on their progress.

It’s natural for life to offer surprises and a change of direction from time to time and this is where the review process is critical to ensuring you maximise your potential at every opportunity and make wise decisions.

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