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We are a Western Australian Wealth Management and Lifestyle Planning Practice based in Perth. We are Trusted Advisors to both local and national clientele, supporting them to achieve financial and personal success.

What We Do

Turn your complexity and concern into clarity and peace of mind. 

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Lifestyle Planning

Traditionally financial planning has focused on building wealth for clients, yet many clients have not clearly articulated how they want to use that wealth to enhance their life. This often means they don’t focus on a clear and tangible goal and don’t feel a sense of achievement – despite their growing wealth. As Financial Planning specialists, our role is to help you build a clear picture of your unique future, including your personal life goals and aspirations.



We serve an engaged and diverse clientele whom we expect to remain clients forever. During this time, we provide uncluttered, unbiased advice that enhances their quality of life and leads to sustainable and meaningful solutions. We help to organise and simplify their life in such a way that maximizes the whole family’s enjoyment of wealth both now and in the future.


Growing Your Wealth

Integral to ‘Growing your Wealth’ is acknowledging that there is what you can do to build your wealth, there’s what the markets can do for you and there is what a financial planner can do for you. To achieve your long-term objectives, it is important that you invest your hard earned money wisely and contribute to your wealth strategy on an ongoing basis through developing a habit of saving.

Case Studies

Read more about how we have advised 3 very different clients.

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Building a Business

We met Geoff and Allison in 2009 when they were in their early 30’s with a young family and both working in employed roles.  Their net wealth was approximately $900k and they had a long list of goals to achieve!  Some of these were: Home renovations New furnishings Subdivision of an investment property and construction

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Medical Professionals

Albert and Nicola, aged 43 are medical professionals with both employed roles in public hospitals and private consulting income.  As high income earners, their primary objective was to ensure they were capturing their surplus income and directing that to effective strategies.  With their busy careers and a young family, finding time to focus on their

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Property Focused Investors

We met Len and Dana in 2008 where they had been working towards a strategy of acquiring multiple properties for a cash flow positive investment outcome from these assets in retirement. At age 50, they were feeling unsure of their next step and whether they could sustain the expense and risk of additional properties and

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About Us

About Momentum Planning

Our team of three Certified Financial Planners, two technical paraplanners and a client service officer work with individuals, executives and families to manage their financial affairs, build their long term wealth and balance lifestyle.

We work together to design a highly detailed and unique plan so that you are well prepared when it matters most – and you often don’t know when it will matter most.

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